About the Bunny

If I believed anything when I was young, it was the fact that my stuffed animals came to life when I left the room.  I would spend hours arranging them on my bed.  The bigger ones went in back and the smaller ones in front.  It was the perfect balance of size and color.  I would talk to each one, telling them how much I loved them and sit them next to their “pretend friends.” Then I would walk backwards out my bedroom, not taking my eyes off of them and close the door in front of me.  

I would count down from the number 10 and I would burst into my room convinced I would catch them moving!  I truly believed that they came to life when I wasn’t in the room with them.  I couldn’t be the only one who believed this…right? I mean Toy Story made a series of movies about the fact that they came to life!  

Even when my children would throw a stuffed animal across the room, it always made me cringe because to this day, I still believe that stuffed animals are magical in some way.

After my Mom died, I had a Snoopy stuffed animal that I carried around with me everywhere.  I have no recollection how or when I got it, I just remember that it was my security blanket after her death.  I would wrap my arms around it and hold it close to my body.  It brought me such comfort and security during that time of my life.  

When I wrote my first draft of this book, it was only natural to create a bunny for the reader to hold.  I loved the idea of giving someone a stuffed animal to help them feel comforted while reading the book.   I wanted to make sure it was soft and snuggly just like my Snoopy for anyone who bought it.  I hope you enjoy this bunny and that it brings you as much love and comfort as my Snoopy did for me!

You are loved,